Christmas is a-comin’!

I made cajeta for friends and family members’ Christmas gifts today. I used brown sugar this time and I didn’t like it as much as the white sugar kind, but there’s no time to start a new batch. I made fudge the other day, and hopefully with 2-day shipping everyone should have their stuff in time for Christmas. It’s also a Christmas tradition for me to make our own cards, and I finally got those done this morning. I drew a picture of two naughty goats savaging a Christmas tree. Phil colored them to look like Snickers and Sputnik.

Also, I continue to be amazed at goats’ incredible breeding instincts. Delilah went to the buck on Friday, and yesterday she was still acting in heat. She’s usually my short cycle girl, but I guess her first encounter with a buck flipped some kind of switch inside because she was still in heat the next day and today. And today she was not just a little in heat–she was on fire! I let everyone out to graze except Jezebel and Delilah because I didn’t want Delilah and Finn together. Finn was wooing her through the electric fence, but I didn’t think Delilah was desperate enough to try jumping over. Boy was I wrong! I don’t know how long they were out together before I noticed, but certainly long enough to have some fun. I ended up leaving Delilah penned on my basement patio where the gates are higher. Hopefully she took with the first breeding or we may have more little Finn babies than we planned on. Oh well. He’s a nice boy so it’s not a disaster if she ends up having his kids.

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