Phil built a new campfire ring this afternoon and Lilly tested it out. It fits perfectly.

Once the fire was going Cuzco was the only goat who was interested. He loves campfires and he always hangs around by my chair, no doubt hoping for a handout, but he also gets very friendly at campfires. He’s loved campfires since he was a baby and the only time he would climb in my lap was when we were next to one. I have no idea why. I had to put a stop to that after he got to be about a year old, of course, but I’ve always wondered why he gets so snuggly around a campfire. It must be the old “Kum-ba-ya” spirit.

Cuzco also loves listening to Phil play the fiddle. None of the other goats seem all that interested, but Cuzco never gets tired of it. Neither do I, for that matter!

Looks like Cuzco is singing along!

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