How fast the kids grow up…

Our babies are growing like crazy and fast turning into big goats. Rambo is looking particularly regal these days. And true to his name, he’s one giant ball of muscle. I had to restrain him for a minute this morning and I couldn’t believe how strong he was. He almost pulled me over and didn’t act like it took any effort at all.

Oakley had an oak leaf stuck in her collar. It seemed fitting somehow. She’s a pampered little princess now that her brothers are gone. She gets all her mother’s attention and milk to herself.

Pepi is adorable. She has this silly habit of running up from behind, planting both front feet on my bottom,and then walking along like that. She wants to start a conga line! Six weeks ago she walked with her hind legs on my back for the entire length of a pasture! She hasn’t done it in a while but recently she started again. I need to discourage her because she’s getting too big for these shenanigans, but it’s hard to say no when they’re this cute and when they don’t mean anything remotely aggressive by it.

She loves to waltz as well as conga!

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