8th Annual Hassey “Goat Vacation” – Utah: Day 10

After our rather exhausting 3-day trip, Phil and I were ready to take it easy. I spent the morning in Catherine’s front yard with a bucket and scrub brush cleaning sand out of our packsaddle straps and panniers while Phil headed over to the laundromat so we could have clean clothes for the rest of our trip. I was hanging the goat equipment out to dry just as Phil drove up with the clean laundry. We decided to head out for an easy trip to Willis Creek Canyon, which we had visited on two previous trips. It’s a beautiful little hike but short and very easy–perfect for people and goats with tired feet. 

Willis Creek was a lot more crowded this time than it had ever been on our previous trips. I couldn’t believe the number of cars in the parking lot! And then we met a group of horseback riders. Judging by the amount of horse poo, this trail has recently become a horseback riding favorite. 

This is my favorite rock, but I could not persuade Sputnik to climb up there with me.

Finn, however, is not one to miss an opportunity to be in the spotlight. 

Giant goat track?

Petrified snow angel?

End of the line (for us at least) and a very tall cliffIt reminds me of an all-natural version of Petra.

Such a beautiful canyon!

What are they looking for up there?

“What’s behind this corner? Oh, a waterfall. No thanks!”

When you accessorize, make sure to choose a goat that matches the landscape.

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