And a few more just for fun…

There’s a line at the milk bar!

We’ve decided to call this feisty little dude “Rocky”. Nubbin isn’t going to adopt these babies, but she’s got no problem standing for them to nurse on the stanchion, and they already take to her udder better than to the bottles they were raised on.

And this tough little fellow is called “Rambo”. I put the boys out in the backyard with Delilah and her new kids this afternoon. The boys love the new arrivals. I can’t wait till we have all five bouncing around like ping-pong balls! I know it’s old hat for some of you, but we’ve never had more than three!

3 thoughts on “And a few more just for fun…

  1. We hadn’t yet named the new kids when I posted this yesterday, and the boys’ names are still up in the air, but I’ve decided to call the little girl “Oakley”.

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