Petunia festoons the patio with… expensive teat wipes.

I got my stuff out to milk, let Nubbin and Petunia onto the patio, then turned my back for two seconds to plop down Cuzco’s mush bucket and this is what I turned back around to:

Who me???

No, probably not you, Nubbin. I should have known better. I usually am very diligent to tie up Petunia any time I have the teat wipes out because given the chance she will make a beeline for them, grab the top one and then yank a huge train of wipes out of the bucket. She doesn’t eat them. There’s just something about the action of pulling them out of the tub that Petunia cannot resist. Great job, Petunia. Over a week’s worth of wipes for two goats wasted in about two seconds. Dodgy

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