Guys and Dolls

I’ve been letting the bucklings out with the does under supervision lately because I noted when all the does came into heat and went back out, so for now everyone should be relatively safe. I only do this when I’m outside working because I want to be there in case someone suddenly starts showing interest in the boys, but for now all the girls are going “Ew, gross! Get away from me you cad!”

Finn thinks he’s so handsome and he regularly applies copious amounts of cologne, so he can’t understand why those pretty girls don’t want to play with him. The best part is when I first open the boys’ pen. Finn bolts out and starts chasing the first doe he comes to. After making a few circuits of the meadow, he gives up on that one and starts chasing another. He does this to all five in a row before he tires out and accepts defeat. Snickers and Sputnik usually putter around near the gate for a bit before realizing they’re alone. Then suddenly they shoot off in a bucking explosion of legs and ears. They stroll up to all the girls and say hello (and usually try a quick but unsuccessful sip at Petunia’s or Lilly’s udder), but they don’t chase skirts like Finn. They leave that to the big boys. Cuzco and Pac-Man keep a watchful eye, and if a buckling spends too much time harassing one of the girls they put him in his place. Actually, Pac-Man disciplines the boys. Cuzco blames it all on womanly wiles and usually sends the doe running. Either way, the two of them make a pretty good chaperone team.

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