Phil Hassey: Goat Midwife Extraordinaire!

Ziggy was the last doe to kid in 2024, and she produced two gorgeous little doelings. She kept us guessing as to who would be here to deliver them. Phil was on a business trip in California until a couple of days after Ziggy’s due date so we thought he would miss the blessed event. But she held out until he returned and instead decided to deliver when I was gone on an all-day trip to the Sand Dunes. It was Phil’s first time delivering kids without me around, and he did a great job! He was happy that it all went smoothly and Ziggy didn’t need any help except for a dose of calcium to encourage stronger contractions. When I got home these two were clean and dry and cozily bedded down for the night. 
The first to be born was “McGonagall”, named for the professor in the Harry Potter books. I’ve never seen a kid this color before. She’s a dusky rose hue which I suppose we’d call red roan with blue roan accents. She’s stunning!

The second one took a little longer to name, but we eventually settled on “Tonks”, also from the Harry Potter books. She’s a classic chamoisee color with no white markings, which is unusual in our herd, but this year we have two of them! Tonks could be Esmeralda’s identical twin!

McGonagall has my favorite type of ears: One up, one down. I suspect the “down” one will perk up and become erect like the other in a few days, but I always love the lopsided look for as long as it lasts. I’d be thrilled if we ever got one whose ears stayed like this.

“Congratulations, Phil, on delivering some very beautiful, healthy babies all by yourself!”

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