Seventeen years and fifteen goats later…

I was going to post these yesterday but got distracted when Jezebel decided to kid a couple of days early. Phil and I were planning to take Finn and Sputnik for a hike on Sunday to celebrate our 17th anniversary, but rain kept us indoors most of the day. However, late in the afternoon the sun peeked out and sparkled on the damp grass, inviting us to play in the emerald green. All fifteen goats came with us, of course! (Unfortunately we were unable to get all fifteen into a single shot. Goats do not always cooperate as well as one might hope!)

Delilah with her three desperadoes.

We went on vacation for two weeks and Petunia’s kids, Pepi (leaping) and Pedro grew enormously.

For all his grouchy demeanor, I think deep down Cuzco really loves the babies.

This “baby bump” picture kind of lost its significance since Jezebel jumped the gun and kidded before I could post it.

Phil loves his Finn, and I know the feeling is returned in kind.

This was a very popular bush.

Five baby goats on a rock! Wheeeee!!!

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