October snow

It’s about time I posted some new glamour shots! We took these on the morning of October 16. We had 14″ of snow that morning! This is the sight that greeted me in the morning. I really have nothing in life worth complaining about, do I?

Petunia fit perfectly in Nibble’s blanket from last year, and like Nibbles, she kept it neat and clean. I guess “like mother like daughter” does not apply in this case–Lilly was always a disaster with blankets.

Nubbin, on the other hand, takes after Lilly and always gets at least one foot through the neck of her blanket no matter how much I cinch it down. Go figure!

Nibbles yawns in the morning sun.

Cuzco licks the snow off his nose. 

I tried to get Petunia to go sledding with me. It didn’t work out so well, but we had fun anyway.

It’s hard to get going with this many goats on your lap!

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