Spring cleaning

It’s time for Cuzco’s annual spring cleaning. Look at that scruffy winter coat! Time for that hot, itchy, ratty old thing to go!
Cuzco generally seems to enjoy the clippers and willingly stands still for most of this rather tedious process. This is good because we’ve never owned a stanchion.


But then, who needs a stanchion when Nanno is so good at the leg-lock technique? The back end is the hardest. That’s where the hair is longer and more matted so the clippers yank and pull. And when the clippers yank and pull, Cuzco starts to yank and pull and that’s my cue to grab a hind leg and make him stand still anyway. Poor goat–I do my best to be gentle.

All done clipping, and what a handsome fella he is under all that winter scruff!

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