Da Boyz

My apologies… some of these are a bit redundant, but Finn is particularly photogenic and it’s hard to quit clicking the camera when he’s posing.

They love those pine trees! A funny thing that happens during every walk is that Finn or Sputnik will rear up and stand on a branch to eat, which bends it way down. As soon as the shorter goats see Finn or Sputnik on a tree, several of them will usually race over and reap the benefits, so I don’t often see just one of them going at it.

I love the dusting of snow on his back

Much like Cuzco, Finn is gorgeousĀ and he knows it.

The beauty of this place sometimes takes my breath away.

“Hi Sputnik!”

I love that dinosaur profile of his! Just look at the size of that Roman nose!

“Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!”

“Close enough! Close enough!”

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