Poor abused goat


Funny story behind this photo. This was October 2002 and Cuzco’s first experience with snow. As we all know, goats generally hate to get wet, so while the horses were outside playing in the fresh powder, Cuzco was huddled alone and miserable in the barn. Phil had been so excited to see how his goat would react to snow that he was bitterly disappointed when Cuzco refused to have anything to do with it. Phil held out hope that perhaps Cuzco was just inexperienced with snow, and that if forced to confront it, he would grow to love it. So Phil “threw him in at the deep end” so to speak. He shooed Cuzco out of the barn and wouldn’t let him come back in. The poor goat tried a few times to get in the door, but when Phil wouldn’t let him, he stood peeking hopefully in at the window until Phil felt sorry for him and relented. Phil never forced Cuzco out to “play” in the snow again. But it wasn’t very long before Cuzco learned on his own that being with friends in the snow is better than being alone, even in a cozy barn.

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