How could we not fall in love with this downy little black and white creature?

When Lilly first came to live with us, these were the only goats around who would accept her.

This was why we called her “Silly Lilly”.

Lilly soon got too big to sit in my lap, but she never stopped trying, and she was always ready to cuddle even if she wasn’t allowed to sit on me.

“Happiness is a warm lap”.

We also called her “Flavor Saver”.

Lilly didn’t like baths, but she¬†loved¬†toweling off.

And she loved getting to lay on the basement couch and watch “The A-Team” with Phil while she dried off.

Lilly was our “owl goat” who could turn her head completely around to demonstrate her pleasure at being brushed.

“Smile, Lilly!” I was thinking about how to teach her to do this on command.

Lilly was good at a lot of things, but she was best at being a mother. She was attentive but did not hover. She was frantic whenever she lost her baby, but if she knew her kid was with me or Phil she went out to graze contentedly, knowing her baby was safe with us. She loved it when we would pick up and admire her kids. You could see the pride shining in her eyes and she would chuckle low in her chest.

We love you, sweet Lilly-Goat, and we will not forget you.

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