Pac-Man Pulls His Weight

Pac-Man is at the size and age where I think it’s time he learned to do a little work, so I hitched him to the cart yesterday for our walk. He did not like it at first, and I can’t say he was very cooperative since he kept running over my my feet and bashing my legs with the shafts, but he’s a natural at driving. For the sake of self-preservation, I gave up trying to lead him and let him stay out in front instead, which is what he seemed to prefer. Pac-Man_Cart1

Pac-Man led the charge for most of the walk, which is a rare and wonderful thing if your’e teaching a goat to drive. Most goats prefer to follow and it is therefore difficult to train them to walk out ahead when pulling a cart. I think in Pac-Man’s case I may have the rare privilege of teaching a goat to drive before I teach him to lead with a cart. Pac-Man_Cart3

Homeward bound. Pac-Man_Cart2

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