A Christmas In Review

Well, it was a good Christmas this year. We had one of the best trees ever. It was one we cut down when we first moved here, but that hadn’t discouraged it. Branches sprouted from the trunk and grew up full and tall. It was one of the only really healthy, green trees we found on our slope in this drought year. Most of our firs had a lot of brown and faded branches, but not this one! I love how it has two tops and it looks like our quetzal bird is perched in the smaller one. 

It looked magnificent in lights.

But all good things must come to an end. This tree was particularly healthy and we kept it all the way until January 25th–a world record in our house where trees are always gone about a week after New Years. But eventually it stopped drinking water and it was time for our tree to have new purpose… feeding a herd of hungry goats! 

Mmm…mmm! Sputnik approves!

It’s almost as much fun to strip the bark with horns as it is with teeth!

Queen Ziggy!

Told ya she was Queen! You can’t have a proper Christmas pageant without a Christmas Queen!

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