Colorful tidbits

The Nubian boys have discovered the joys of campfires. Luckily this on isn’t lit right now. Lilly always loved laying in this fire ring too.

With the addition of seven kids this year, our herd has almost doubled in size from eight to fifteen. Once Jezebel kids we’ll definitely be doubled! I love looking out at this variety of color. No such thing as a “matched pair” in our herd!

The babies have discovered the delights of the mineral feeder.

Boone found a mentor in Finn. Finn was quite patient with the little copycat. I’ve been impressed with how well all my goats get along with babies. I’ve been told by people who have no horns in their herd that mixing horned wethers with mamas, babies, and other hornless goats would be a bloodbath. So far I have not found this to be true. Quite the opposite in fact. My horned boys are often gentler than the dehorned does. Even Cuzco does not bother babies. If babies step in front of him, he steps around or over or occasionally will nudge one aside with his nose, but he never butts a baby. Finn and Sputnik were a little rough at first but within a week they figured out that babies need to be treated gently and are now nice to them.

Finn always loves to hang the last tippety-tip of his tongue out. He has done this since the first day he was born and it has never ceased to amuse me.

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