Credit where credit is due

Seeing the picture of Ruthanne milking Petunia reminded me to post something that has been forefront in my mind for some time, and that is God’s abundance. Not just His grace or mercy or provision, but His overwhelming abundance.

Petunia will have been in milk for 52 weeks next Tuesday. We had six people in the house enjoying her milk every day for a week while Phil’s family was here. Yet this single goat who gets milked only once a day provided plenty for all with enough left over for me even to collect cream from some of the milk. In the weeks before the family arrived, Phil and I had been enjoying all the milk we could drink, plus providing milk to a local man with health problems that prevent him from tolerating┬ámost food or drink and no dairy aside from goat milk. Even with all that I had enough milk to save several tubs of cream in the freezer so that we made three batches of ice cream, a batch of whipped cream, and two batches of cream biscuits while the family was here! The skim milk from my cream collection has been going to feed my neighbor’s pigs and now an orphaned calf (supplemented with calf formula to add fat, of course).

But this is all from ONE goat! ONE goat who gets milked ONCE a day and whose udder I thought I might lose to mastitis last year. The udder healed and is completely normal and milks evenly on both sides. God does not just provide for us–He blesses us with greater abundance than we could ever have imagined or hoped for.

2 thoughts on “Credit where credit is due

  1. AMEN !!!! Thanks so much for posting this. God is not only good but Great !
    Loved the goats, had a real ball there. Thanks Again

  2. God is Good All the time! What a great visit. Our family has not been all together in 6 years. So much fun to spend time with everyone. We cannot thank you and your goats for all the good meals and treats. Ice Cream was wonderful.
    The kids are so beautiful and fun. Hope we can do it again. What no photos of Hawaiian night? LOL Thanks again

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