Springing in the spring snow!

After a brief taste of warm weather at the end of April and early May, the snow came back for a last word on May 10th. 

The kids could not have been more delighted!   

Phil’s parents were in town, and Jim couldn’t wait to get out and play in the snow with the other kids.

Thor helped Jim build a snowman. 
Brownie and Snowball helped too. 

Jim thought maybe Mocha would like to stand on top of the doghouse. Mocha wasn’t too sure of the footing, but the experience left ideas in her brain. A few days later she was the first kid to scale the top–a feat she alone could accomplish for at least two days before the others figured it out.  

Cupcake says, “Wheee!!!” 

The kids could not get enough of Jim. They all loved him, but Brownie and Snowball were especially enamored.   

Brownie posed for a glamour shot. 

Not to be outdone, Yeti posed for an even better glamour shot!   

And then Thor blew them all out of the water with his striking pose! 

“Up? Up?”

Laughing, leaping Yeti and Thor! 



5 thoughts on “Springing in the spring snow!

  1. With that beard, Jim looks just like one of the old goats! May be the kids think he is DAAAAAAAAAAdy.

  2. Thor is really cool looking! They are all so sweet! Do you plan to sell any this year? I took Blackbird and Penny to the vet today with the dogs for their first visit. The vet loved everyone and Blackbird was happy to shake paws with him and several others there. Penny was happy to stay behind Blackbird. Anyway, he said they look like they are in excellent health and well cared for so I’m a happy goat mommy!

    1. I plan to sell most of them this year. The only ones I’m kind of thinking about keeping are Buster Brown and Mocha. I’m so glad the vet gave your girls a clean bill of health! Did they get their CD+T booster shots?

      1. I couldn’t find the email with the dates of their last shots so he went off the rabies cert and said it looked like they need them this fall. So I will take them back in a few months for those. If they need them sooner let me know and I will take them back.

        That’s exciting about your kids – Keep me posted, we might be ready to add to our flock by then. 🙂

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