Our Flashy Finn

Our little Finn just keeps getting bigger and prettier and more friendly and outgoing with everyone. He LOVES to go hiking and he comes running when we call his name. Today he got separated from everybody and started crying. Lilly and I both called to him and he came to me instead of his mom. It was very heartwarming. He leaps into the truck on command when Phil wants to take him out, and I’m teaching him to lie down on command as well. He’s learning incredibly fast!

I’ve never seen brighter, livelier eyes on a goat. The intelligence behind them reminds me of Cuzco, but there’s an eagerness to please that shines out the same way it does in a dog’s eyes. I hope he never loses this!

Finn also loves to sit in my lap (as far as it’s still possible). This must be genetic because Lilly used to do the exact same thing till I made her quit when she got too heavy–he waits till I’m sitting down, then he sidles up next to me, puts his head in my lap, then slowly eases himself up one front leg at a time until he has sort of snuggled his way onto my lap. Lilly hasn’t done this since last winter, so I know she didn’t show Finn how–she must have whispered instructions when I wasn’t looking.

And I just love those perky ears!

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