Our fast-growing Finn

I’ve been so busy lately doing horse stuff that I haven’t taken any pictures of our fast-growing Finn for the last two weeks! I figure I’d better remedy that before Petunia’s babies show up and steal the spotlight.

Looks like our little guy is going to keep his horns after all. We wavered back and forth about it but made up our minds to disbud him. But the day we were going to do it, my friend who had the disbudding iron got locked out of her van with the disbudding iron in it. We tried to reschedule twice but ran into conflicts, and now the horns are so big I don’t want to try to burn them for fear of leaving scurs, which in my opinion are more dangerous and problematic than horns. We’ll see how it goes, and if he turns out to be a menace to the other goats we can try to sell him to someone who wants a horned packgoat.

“Please let me up!”

“Somebody let me up!”

Rocks are great fun!

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