Cuzco in Art

I got the cutest, most adorably awesome Christmas gift yesterday!! A friend of mine commissioned¬†this little figurine of Cuzco and it’s just like a cartoon of him!! I’m going to treasure this gift for always.

In other news, my last post about Cuzco was a bit ominous, but I’m happy to report that the old fellow rallied when the cold weather started and he’s doing just grand. We’ve had a very mild (if windy) winter, but even on the nights when it’s gotten very cold Cuzco has done very well. He’s still King of the hay feeder and Finn remains very subdued in Cuzco’s presence. If Cuzco moves to¬†one side of the feeder, Finn runs to the other. As long as Cuzco feels good enough to pound Finn into submission I figure he’s doing just fine. Smile

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