Cuzco and RCC Saddle Club at the State Fair Parade!

Cuzco was the star guest member of RCC Saddle Club last Saturday at the Colorado State Fair parade, and boy did he attract attention!

He carried two panniers filled with candy and we followed the horses, weaving back and forth between crowds to hand out sweets to the kids. We got a ton of cheers, requests to touch him, and puzzled questions and expressions. Several people thought he was a llama or a burrow. I corrected them and told them he was a unicorn. That got a lot of laughs. The parade judges liked Cuzco a lot. They gave our little club 3rd place in the horse category, which is pretty darn good in a parade that size! We couldn’t beat the fancy Mexican vaqueros and senoritas with their fancy outfits and spirited exotic stallions, but I think this is the first time our club has placed at all (or at least in years). Go Cuzco!

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