Last month’s kids

It’s been too long since I’ve posted any kid pictures, and already these are quite outdated, but here ya go!

Westin and Coral

I’m keeping this little gal. I think Coral may be the nicest kid we’ve had yet, and she certainly has the prettiest little face of any kid born here to date. In fact, in my totally unbiased opinion, she may have the prettiest face of any kid I’ve ever seen.

Baby goat party under the stairs! They’re now too big to sneak into this little hideout, but for a few weeks this was the favorite place for all the cool kids to hang. They loved looking down from their high perch and best of all, no grown-ups allowed! We’re calling Nubbin’s triplets the “Nubblets”.

Storm has the distinction of being the first kid sold this year. He’ll go to his new home along with Sox in August.

Pretty Miss Coral. Tell me that’s not the cutest little face in the world!

Westin had a milk goiter when we came back from the Rendy. It’s hard to see  in this picture and unfortunately it went down before I could get any more photos, but the wattles made him look like he had an udder on his neck!

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