Pac-Man finds his courage and other goat tower hijinks

Today was a banner day. Today was the day Pac-Man, the goat who is afraid of heights, discovered that he can be a brave goat after all. Today he climbed, not just one, but BOTH ramps all the way to the tippy-top of the goat tower! Tower.4_9:7:14

I joined him for his moment of triumph. Tower.1_9:7:14

The girls bow in deference to their new king (although I doubt they’ll allow him to enjoy his reign for long). Tower.2_9:7:14

Yep, I was right. Looks like Lilly has already assumed the throne and is surveying her minions from on high. Lilly_9:7:14

Now Petunia has the top deck and with her ears outstretched, it appears she is going to use it for a launch pad. “Cleared for takeoff!”Pet.Ears_9:7:14

A perfect shot… if only I hadn’t cut off Lilly’s head.Tower.3_9:7:14

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