Celebrity status

While we were in Cuchara last week, a couple stopped us for photos and asked us if they could feature Phil and I and our goats in their Colorado tourism blog:


Nibbles had us all in stitches. She kept standing on her hind legs and walking around, trying to sniff cameras and people. Cuzco is our prima donna. He sees a camera and expects the world to stop for him while he poses, shows off his best angles, and gives everyone that movie star look he’s famous for. He enjoys it even more if he creates a scene, blocks traffic, or attracts a crowd of onlookers. Sometimes he won’t move out of the road because someone is pointing a camera at him and he has to make sure they get a good shot. It would never do to end up on TMZ with the tagline “Cuzco has bad hair day!” or “Cuzco’s embarrassing public bathroom emergency!” or “Cuzco hung over!?” We all know how the media twists facts to attract viewers, and Cuzco isn’t going to be caught on camera looking anything less than glamorous!

Oh, and Cuzco was even coaxed into doing his tricks, but only after Tammy gave us a granola bar to bribe him. He was not content to let me break off pieces for him, however, and would not touch any of it until I offered him the entire bar, which he yanked out of the wrapper and ate in one bite. The bits I’d broken off for him were left unceremoniously on the ground. Nope, we can’t fool Cuzco. He knows when we’re holding out on him!

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