And a few extras…

And let’s not forget dear, sweet Nubbin. I dried her off a few weeks ago, and she should be about half-way through her pregnancy now. She’s due May 2nd.
Someone asked me last week how her tail got broken. Well, it never did (or else it came broken) because it’s had that kink in it ever since she was born. Her mother, Nibbles, had a kinked tail too, except that Nibbles’ tail was also crooked to the side. At least Nubbin’s tail is on straight!

Pac-Man sure turned into a handsome young man! I can’t wait to start putting him to the cart this spring once our driveway dries up!

There was a fight over a mostly empty bucket the other day…

Pac-Man won the battle, but I’m not sure he won the war. He became quite distressed when he could not get the bucket off his face, not to mention it embarrassed him in front of the other goats.

And we finish off with a nice photo of Lilly from earlier this month (since I didn’t get any of her yesterday).

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