Hitting the Drive-thru in STYLE!

As the perfect wrap-up to a wonderful day at the County Fair, we took the boys to the same Dairy Queen drive-thru that we have traditionally patronized after every Pueblo County Fair packgoat class. The first time we went in 2008, Cuzco was riding in the open bed of the pickup and, it being a slow day, the manager and all the employees came crowding over to see the goat in the pickup. They must not have a huge employee turnover because since that time, either the manager or another employee has always asked us about our goat. We decided to outdo ourselves this time so we parked up the road a ways, unloaded the boys and their wagon, tied Tigerlily to the back so she wouldn’t be lonely in the trailer, and drove the team through the drive-thru!

Phil piled in with me for this short little stretch so we could both roll up to the window in the wagon. Then he jumped out so he could get pictures. He wasn’t the only one getting pictures, I can tell ya! The boys kept staring (and startling a bit) at the big picture window just ahead of the drive-thru and at first I thought they were afraid of their reflections. But no, it was the crowd of customers who were pressing themselves against the glass to get a peek at our rolling freak show!

“Is one of those for me?” Sputnik asks.
“Yes, there is one for you! And one for Finn and one for Tigerlily!” Each goat got a waffle cone, but since Tigerlily didn’t want hers the boys got an extra half a cone each.

Phil drove the team back through the parking lot, but the next time we go to a drive-thru he gets the glory of driving up to the window.

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