The Response

I just got a sweet letter yesterday from the lady we bought Cuzco from all those years ago. I have sent her “Cuzco” letters at Christmas for many years now, giving her updates and photos, and telling her of our adventures with the wonderful $25 “bargain goat” we bought from her. This year I was sad to report that Cuzco went to rest last spring. I’ve never heard back from this lady in all the years I’ve written to her. I only hoped I was still sending my letters to the right person! But finally this year she wrote back. She says she has loved getting Cuzco’s Christmas letters over the years and has kept them all. She has been dreading the day she’d get the last one, but she’s glad Cuzco had such a long, happy life. She still has a few dairy goats left that are descended from the ones she had when we bought Cuzco, but most of the goats they raise now are meat goats. It was nice to hear back after all these years of writing to her.

2 thoughts on “The Response

  1. She must have really enjoyed receiving those updates. & you must have really enjoyed getting her letter also. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make your day.

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