Cuzco Cleans Up

Yesterday, Cuzco and Phil and I went on a mission to clean up our daily walking route. We saddled Cuzco, put a couple of 6-gallon trash cans in the panniers, and lined them with trash bags. I’m still amazed at how much this goat loves to work. Cuzco stood like a statue while I saddled even though Pac-Man was teasing him.

On Clennin Road

We brought along the whole crew because for each guy working there has to be several layabouts leaning on shovels and drinking coffee. You know… “supervising.”

Have a Bud.

The end result: a clean road and a loaded goat.

Two-thirds through our walk Cuzco got pretty cranky at Phil, who was our main trash-picker-upper, and I had to take charge of the goat. I began feeding him a cookie every time Phil put trash in his pack and his attitude improved again. It wasn’t until we got home that we realized¬†why¬†he was ornery. He had at least 45 lbs. worth of trash in those panniers and wasn’t happy that Phil kept adding more! It didn’t seem like that much until we tried to take it out. Poor old goat! He’s quite the trooper, and his heavy load didn’t slow him down one bit or keep him from chasing Pac-Man at every opportunity. He wasn’t even breathing hard!

I’d like to keep doing this through the spring and summer and clean up more roads around here. Cuzco seems to enjoy it so long as we don’t overload him, and I think the work could help him stay in better shape this year. He seems to love having a sense of purpose too, so giving him a job may help keep him feeling “young” in his twilight years.

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