An outing with the new girls

We took Jezebel and Delilah out hiking with us for the first time yesterday. They were a little skittish, but they stuck close and they weren’t noisy so all in all it was a good time.

The girls are filling out nicely and Jezebel is at least an inch taller than Delilah now. There’s a nice padding of flesh over their ribs, and their hooves are  growing in much stronger than they were when I got them. It’s amazing what free choice food, a hoof trim, and running on rocks can do in a short time! Hike_9:4:14.3


Water was the biggest problem on this hike. I had to do some serious hand-holding to get them to cross this little stream.  Hike_9:4:14.6

Delilah got stuck in the middle for a while. Hike_9:4:14.5

Looking across this log bridge, you’d think they were teetering on the edge of a 10,000-foot precipice with nothing but a frayed rope stretched over it. Hike_9:4:14.7

I crossed ahead of them to show them how it’s done. Jezebel was the brave one. My picture of Delilah crossing showed nothing but a blurry tail as she got part-way across and then took to the air. Hike_9:4:14.8

Phil has really been bonding with these girls. They love him and it shows. Hike_9:4:14.1



Looks like the tree sprouted a goat! A goat with wattles no less!Hike_9:4:14.10

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