Happy Halloween!

We seized Halloween this year. We broke out the old hearse decor for our wagon which hasn’t seen action since 2016. Finn had been acting feisty toward the other goats earlier in the afternoon so we chose him to pull the hearse so he could work off some excess energy and angst. He was a huge success. He got lots of pets and plenty of candy to make it worth his while. He’s such a good boy! Nothing spooked him except for one small child in a Hulk costume who went beyond pets and decided to give Finn a big ol’ hug. Finn wasn’t particularly comfortable with that level of familiarity coming from a green, pillowy-feeling mini-monster! Finn backed away in an expedient but not-so-sudden-as-to-be-unsafe manner while the father scolded his son to be more respectful of animals’ personal space.

Our lighted green skeleton took the wrong kind of batteries so we left it at home and instead filled the hearse with jack-o-lanterns that we’d carved that afternoon. You can just see me in the photo. Halloween is nearly always freezing in Colorado so I prefer warm costumes over the more trendy “sexy” ones marketed toward grown-ups these days. I was a Viking. I was not a “sexy” Viking. I was a wolly, burly, WARM Viking!

Finn and I made a cool silhouette on the street.

The jack-o-lanterns came out pretty good this year…

This was Phil’s masterpiece. He made the mouth with a heartbeat line to evoke a kind of spooky “Covid is still in the air” effect. I’m not sure if anyone got it, but I thought it was pretty great.
My pumpkin came out a lot better than I thought it would, and because I generally lack talent in the pumpkin carving department, it’s definitely one of the best I’ve done. I chose this pumpkin because it had a big scar down the face. This can make carving a little tricky, but fun if I can incorporate it into the design. Somehow it worked out!

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