The due date come and gone…

Well, it’s nearly midnight and still no sign of babies. Petunia’s been teasing us all day. She woke up this morning with an enormous udder that she can hardly walk around. I told Phil she looks like those severely uddered-up goats at Nationals. Her ligaments have been gone since day before yesterday. She hangs around the pen pawing, circling, laying down with her head stretched out, then pacing around like she’s ready to go into labor any moment. Then, like someone flipped a switch, she goes straight back to eating and chewing her cud like she’s happy hold out for a few more days if necessary.

Finn loves his big sissy and tries to play with her a lot. She hasn’t really been in the mood to play recently, but she did butt heads with him for a few short sessions today. I never realized a baby could be so wholeheartedly embraced by an entire herd! Finn has wormed his way into everyone’s affections, and Pac-Man has fully adopted Finn as his own.

Finn climbed up to see if he could get in to meet the tin porch goats. Then he discovered the joys of balancing along the top of this rock wall. I’ll have to post some video tomorrow if I get a chance.

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