Friends at last!

As the only child of a hovering, overprotective mother, Napoleon doesn’t get many opportunities to play with the other kids. He revels in those rare moments when Jezebel is on the stanchion and he can make friends. Jezebel’s worries are completely unfounded. The other kids have been very gentle with the tiny baby. And like his eponym, his attitude is as big as his stature is small!

Boone is particularly intrigued by the little guy.

Napoleon is so small he looks like he could belong to the other kids! I stood him up next to Crockett for a size comparison. And in these photos he’s more than twice the size he was at birth! He’s small, but I have no doubt he’s going to catch up very quickly. He’s strong, healthy, and a magnificent eater.

3 thoughts on “Friends at last!

  1. iwanthimiwanthimiwanthimiwanthim!!!! Really! He is so cute!! I wish they could stay that little forever!

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