Greenhorn Packgoats on Greenhorn Mountain

Today was gorgeous, and Phil and I decided not to waste it. We drove up Ophir Creek Road to the short but spectacular hiking trail up Greenhorn Mountain. We took Finn and Sputnik, and I decided that Sputnik would be the special goat who carried out water bottles today. This was the first time I’ve ever put a pack on him, and although he was a bit skittish about the fastening and loading part, once it was installed he wore it like a champ. I’m feeling more and more confident than Sputnik will become a good packgoat if we keep working with him.

A trio of cute guys at the trailhead:

A pause to look at the view…

And what a view!

Sputnik rockin’ the pack.

We found a memorial at the top of the mountain that was put there just this year. Finn paid his respects.

Sputnik was very excited about this cairn and ran ahead to check it out.

Sputnik gave Phil a kiss… what a sweetie!

Finn practiced posing… what a ham!

Sputnik marched down the hill to take in the view.

He looked this way and that…

…Then looked back to tell me the view was awesome.

He was right.

And after about five or ten minutes he decided he’d seen it all.

Finn told me to quit taking pictures of Sputnik… the best view was of HIM!

It took Finn forever to find a spot where he could lay down comfortably. There is an overabundance of sharp rocks on this mountain. And as soon as he found it, it was time to head back.

Sputnik told me he was too awesome to lay down–he’s a packgoat!

One last photo by the cairn, and then the wind kicked up and it was really time to head back. But what a wonderful day on the mountain! We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.

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