Goat Vacation: “Operation: Goat Levitation”

We thought about trying to carry Nibbles down, but she’s pretty hefty these days and has a lot of kick in her. She would probably try to jump if we picked her up at that height, and she might take her rescuer with her. And that ladder was not exactly a bastion of support. The thing has to be at least thirty years old and kept threatening to collapse in the middle if we did more than tiptoe.

Coaxing, bribing, and threatening had gotten us nowhere. It was time to force the issue. I had a spare horse halter in my trailer. It was too big, but it was the best I had.
Tim and Phil (not pictured) climbed to the top and lowered a rope.
“Ready, Nibbles?”
“EngageĀ goatĀ levitation device!”
“We have liftoff!”Nibs_Rescue12

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