Pile o’ Goats

We’ve had so much fun with all these babies! We spent the afternoon yesterday with all five snuggled up on the basement couch with us while we watched a silly movie. We’ve named them and the girl is Oakley, the white boy with spots is Crockett, and the big oreo boy is Boone.


Today was the triplets’ first day in the wide world. I took them out of the shelter to run free in the pen. I put Rambo and Rocky in the pen as well so they could play with their new friends. It was their first day allowed off the back patio unsupervised. Everyone learned about electric fences which always makes me feel bad, but they also learned about jumping on logs and rocks and hiding behind objects. Delilah hates the two Nubians and doesn’t want them near her three perfect darlings. I’m sure she thinks her babies will be contaminated by the long-eared motherless freaks. She kept growling and stamping her feet at Rocky and Rambo, but she never got aggressive enough to worry me. Besides, they were too quick for her and it didn’t take them long to start teasing. She’d chase them around one side of the shed and they’d run from the other side and approach her kids from behind her back. Delilah didn’t know what to do when her kids got separated and she couldn’t guard all of them at once. She kept waddling back and forth between them in a fruitless attempt to keep the Nubians away. It didn’t help when her own kids started toddling away from her to follow bad company. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s tired enough that she won’t care who her kids play with as long as they stop bothering her!

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