“Goat Camp”

Every so often, Phil and I go out of town and my friend Wendy keeps Cuzco with her horses and goats. Cuzco met Wendy’s five pygmy goats for the first time in July 2007. They cornered him and he was terrified.
After sparring for a while, Cuzco decided that the little goats were dangerous, and when Phil and I tried to leave him, he leaped over Wendy’s fence, which is easily six feet high, and chased our truck down the road. We had to tie him to a tree so we could get out of there.
Cuzco eventually got used to the little goats and he and the feisty gray named Dilly became boyfriend and girlfriend. By the end of “goat camp” (as Phil calls Cuzco’s stays at Wendy’s), Cuzco had settled himself firmly in the middle of the pecking order. I guess Cuzco can’t take the humiliation of getting bossed about by pygmy goats, though, because after staying at Wendy’s a couple of times, he left the goat pen for good and stays with her horses. They boss him around too, but at least they’re bigger so it’s not as embarrassing for him.

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