Just Kidding Around

Our kids had visitors today! My parents came because my mom has been dying to see baby goats when they’re brand new as opposed to a couple of weeks old. My brother and his wife came so their little girls could visit the new baby goats too. It was a fun afternoon!

Nora loved holding the baby goats and little Skeeter loved being held. In fact, when Nora got up to walk around, Skeeter started following her!

Blackbird was a pretty big armful for my niece, Ivy.

My mom with Blackbird.

Baby goats as a fashion statement!

After everyone left, Phil and I went for our daily walk and each of us carried a baby goat for about 2/3 of the distance. Then we put them down and let them walk the rest of the way. They did very well for such tiny youngsters, but I’ll bet they sleep good tonight!

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