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Finn’s first trail ride

I always loved it when Cuzco would accompany my friends and I on horseback rides back in Lake City. He was an amazing trail companion and always kept up with the horses even when we would gallop. Cuzco is too old to follow horses any more, but Finn is at the perfect age to learn, and since he’s a buckling just coming into rut, all the more reason for me to take him out in a way that I can enjoy his company from a safe distance.

Finn was not the least bit afraid of the horses, and my friend Jordan’s horse is gentle with goats–a good way to start him out! Finn_9:27:14.1Finn stayed faithfully by my stirrup for almost the entire ride. He was quite nervous at first because he couldn’t figure out where I was. I would call his name and he would look in every direction except up. He kept up a steady racket for the entire first half of the ride until he finally figured out that I hadn’t disappeared–I was just up on the horse. Finn_9:27:14.3


“Hike with your friends”

Yesterday we took The Three Stooges for a hike. Hike_9:17:14.6

Finn has been hiking lots this summer and showed the other two how it’s done. Hike_9:17:14.1

Sputnik’s favorite part was the cookies. Hike_9:17:14.2

The first water crossing was an adventure. Snickers fell down on the log. Hike_9:17:14.3

But he made a spectacular recovery and managed to cross without getting so much as a damp toe. Hike_9:17:14.4

Sputnik, being somewhat more coordinated than Snickers, and having the advantage of watching the other two go first, fared better. Hike_9:17:14.5  Hike_9:17:14.7

What a view! Hike_9:17:14.8 Hike_9:17:14.9

Phil’s new avatar… sort of

Phil was getting tired of his “Rambo with Explosion” avatar, so he thought he’d get a new one with him holding a goat in front of a fire instead. I burned a big slash pile and Phil posed with Finn. The photos didn’t come out very good, but we had fun trying to make Finn look at the camera instead of the inferno. I also had fun watching Phil try to hold this big, strapping goat. Phil won’t be able to do this much longer!

We also are getting the point where we don’t want to pick Finn up even if we can. He’s growing up and the hormones are kicking in. He’s been bathing his face and legs in buck cologne lately and he’s getting too gross to play with. The poor little guy is so friendly and sweet and he doesn’t understand why no one wants to hug him any more. Phil and I can’t wait till this breeding season is over so he can do his job and be done with buck-hood. I want to be able to cuddle him again!

Pac-Man finds his courage and other goat tower hijinks

Today was a banner day. Today was the day Pac-Man, the goat who is afraid of heights, discovered that he can be a brave goat after all. Today he climbed, not just one, but BOTH ramps all the way to the tippy-top of the goat tower! Tower.4_9:7:14

I joined him for his moment of triumph. Tower.1_9:7:14

The girls bow in deference to their new king (although I doubt they’ll allow him to enjoy his reign for long). Tower.2_9:7:14

Yep, I was right. Looks like Lilly has already assumed the throne and is surveying her minions from on high. Lilly_9:7:14

Now Petunia has the top deck and with her ears outstretched, it appears she is going to use it for a launch pad. “Cleared for takeoff!”Pet.Ears_9:7:14

A perfect shot… if only I hadn’t cut off Lilly’s head.Tower.3_9:7:14

An outing with the new girls

We took Jezebel and Delilah out hiking with us for the first time yesterday. They were a little skittish, but they stuck close and they weren’t noisy so all in all it was a good time.

The girls are filling out nicely and Jezebel is at least an inch taller than Delilah now. There’s a nice padding of flesh over their ribs, and their hooves are  growing in much stronger than they were when I got them. It’s amazing what free choice food, a hoof trim, and running on rocks can do in a short time! Hike_9:4:14.3


Water was the biggest problem on this hike. I had to do some serious hand-holding to get them to cross this little stream.  Hike_9:4:14.6

Delilah got stuck in the middle for a while. Hike_9:4:14.5

Looking across this log bridge, you’d think they were teetering on the edge of a 10,000-foot precipice with nothing but a frayed rope stretched over it. Hike_9:4:14.7

I crossed ahead of them to show them how it’s done. Jezebel was the brave one. My picture of Delilah crossing showed nothing but a blurry tail as she got part-way across and then took to the air. Hike_9:4:14.8

Phil has really been bonding with these girls. They love him and it shows. Hike_9:4:14.1



Looks like the tree sprouted a goat! A goat with wattles no less!Hike_9:4:14.10

“It tastes like happy goats!”

One of the highlights of the State Fair was that my friend had a birthday on the last day and I supplied the cake and ice cream. It was extremely decadent!

I made chocolate/vanilla marble cake (which incidentally called for 1 1/2 cups of milk) with rich chocolate frosting. I also made mint chocolate chip ice cream and Phil made vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream. We also made a batch of whipped cream and I brought  caramel and chocolate sauce. Every single thing contained goat milk. I even brought a bottle of fresh milk to drink.

Not being much of a cook, I go into transports of delight when people enjoy the rare things I DO concoct, especially if it involves my goats’ milk. All of the milk came from Nubbin and Petunia, who of course were at the fair, so it was fun to say, “Thank those two over there!” when people complimented the desserts. I had one little girl come over for her second large cup of milk and say, “This is the best milk ever! My auntie has goat’s milk and it’s sort of funny tasting, but this is really, really good!” I have to admit, I got a very warm, fuzzy feeling inside when she said that. All the dessert and the milk disappeared very quickly, and Nubbin thoroughly cleaned the crumbs out of the cake pan. I think we were all very proud of our contribution to that birthday party. My goats may not have won any prestigious prizes in the ring, but at least they’ve got it where it counts!

“How to Train Your Goat-Dragon” and other Nautical Nonsense

We had a great time at the Colorado State Fair this past weekend and our goats did pretty well for themselves. We didn’t win any championships or anything, but we had fun and made friends. We only took Petunia and Nubbin this year. I brought them a day early so I could do the one day milk test, mostly out of curiosity. Petunia milked eight pounds and Nubbin milked seven. Not bad for first fresheners I think! I’m pretty sure they’ll both score a lot of points for butter fat.

We did the costume class again this year and Phil had everyone in stitches with his Spongebob outfit. He spent a lot of time on this costume and it looked amazing! Nubbin was Gary the snail. We had a bit of trouble keeping the googly-eye headband in place, but the effect was hilarious when it stayed on.

I went with a “How to Train Your Dragon” theme and dressed as “Beard-regard the Bold,” a bearded Viking woman from the island of Berk. I then showed off Petunia’s repertoire of tricks. She can shake hands, spin circles, dance on her hind legs, and go down on her knees to apologize. The whole crowd went, “Aaaawwwwww!!!” when she did that last one. I wasn’t sure if she would do all this with the dragon wings perched awkwardly on her back, but she didn’t seem to notice them much (which was demonstrated by the way she kept bashing them into people and things). Petunia’s dragon horns stayed nicely in place as well.