Independence Day Bash

It was a 4th of July for the record books. The day was clear and cool and Phil and I took Finn and Pongo to Cuchara for their lovely parade and small-town celebration. Finn has been doing very poorly these last couple of months. Vets can’t find anything wrong with him, but he’s gone off feed and has been dropping weight to the point where he looks like a shadow of his former self. We’re concerned that we may be losing him, but he still wants to go out and do things. We thought perhaps a ride in the truck and change of scenery would lift his spirits. And it certainly did!

We fitted Finn and Pongo out in empty pack saddles for the parade and sat on the sidelines so we could watch most it go by before we stepped in near the end. This way we got to see all the entries and collect a lot of candy, flags, beads, and other decorations for our goats before joining the parade ourselves. WIN! 
The goats were a huge hit, and people especially loved seeing us feed them the candy they tossed at us. Both goats love Tootsie Rolls. Finn also liked the Sour Patch Kids. 
The problem, of course, is that Phil also likes Sour Patch Kids. You know you love your goat when you agree to share your favorite candy with him! 
Look closely. I think Finn and Phil are making the exact same face in this photo!

Finn was very tired and spent a lot of time leaning his head against Phil.

After the parade we found a shady spot to park the goats while we ate some lunch. Loads of people stopped by to meet the boys. We enjoyed telling them that Pongo is Finn’s great-grandson.
Our friend Jordan joined us for lunch. Finn says, “Can I please have some potato chips?”
“Of course you can!” (It’s hard to refuse a polite request from such a beautiful goat)

“Can I have some Coke too, please?”

“Well, just a sip.” (I’m not sure he liked it very much, but for that matter, neither do I. I’m more of a Dr. Pepper gal.)

After lunch, Phil and I tethered the goats in a shady spot with lots of grass while we played mini golf. After that it was time for slushies. Goats LOVE slushies!

Pongo agrees: It was a banner day! One of the best 4th of July celebrations ever!

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