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Well, Sadie finally got down to business yesterday afternoon and produced two of the brawniest babies we’ve had at Goat-O-Rama in years. We haven’t named these two big bruisers yet, but we’ll keep you posted! They weighed in at 10 and 11+ lbs. respectively, and they have legs a mile long so Sadie needed a little help bringing these two into the world! Both kids are the spit and image of their daddy, Pest. Tall, strong, big-boned, broad-shouldered and with massive foreheads.

When I pulled this guy out, I said, “Wow, what a massive kid!!” Sadie was having a hard time getting him out so I gave a few tugs on his front legs. I couldn’t find his head anywhere so at first I thought he had his head back, but no, his legs were just so long it took a while for his head to follow. He was also quite impatient. Sadie wasn’t pushing much, so this guy’s front legs were waving around like he was trying to claw his own way into the world whether Mama helped or not!

Look at these moonspots! This our first truly moon-spotted kid. Pest’s moonspots don’t present quite like this but he carries the genetics and now he’s finally passed this fun color pattern to one of his offspring!

This is baby #2. I thought the first one was big, but boy oh boy, this one was even bigger! He weighed in at over 11 lbs. he wasn’t so eager to come out. He only had one leg in the passage and he took a bit of pulling. Somewhere in the delivery process, Sadie sat down hard on my box of kidding supplies and smashed the lid. It was a soft landing for her. Among other things, the box was full of towels.

This guy is more of a dark blue roan. Pest doesn’t have a hint of blue roan in his coloring, but he’s now thrown several babies who have it so it must be somewhere in his ancestry. I can’t wait to see how big these guys get. I have a feeling they’re going to be huge, powerful goats by the time they’re grown!

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