It’s Tigerlily Time!

It’s about time I posted some recent photos of our lovely Tigerlily! Her beautiful white coat has been looking pretty scroungy lately so I decided to give her a trim and a bath today. I clipped her with a 1/2″ blade so she would be stylishly short but not pink and naked. Then I gave her a bath. The poor little thing thought I was abusing her, but she got through it and looked very flashy for about half an hour before she rolled in the dust. We got some pictures before that. Wink

I hope her topline levels back out before the Harvest Show this fall. She was nice and level last year but her rump came up higher than her withers over the winter and her front end doesn’t seem to want to catch up, so now her rump is steep and she has a dip in her back that wasn’t there before. Other than that, I think she’s a gorgeous doe and will make some very fine babies. I hope she develops a nice udder!

I thought I’d have her stretch out a bit for the photo. She was far more enthusiastic than I anticipated.

“Dance, Tigerlily!’

And the other side, just for good measure. I love the black tips on her ears.

Tigerlily has a black beauty mark on her nose now. I wonder if her nose will eventually turn black?

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