Off to new adventures…

It was a bittersweet day at Goat-O-Rama. Today we said goodbye to Crockett and Boone, two of our first kids from 2016. We were happy to see them go to a good home where Crockett will be a herd sire and Boone will be his sidekick wether companion. The lovely folks who bought them are getting into goats for the first time and want to start a little dairy herd. Crockett and Boone are their first purchases. I hope it goes very well for them. I also hope Crockett passes nice color to his offspring.

Crockett_2 Crockett_3

As for me, I’m going to miss these boys’ funny, mischievous faces and rambunctious, affectionate attempts to still sit on my lap despite weighing nearly 70 lbs. apiece. I’ll especially miss Boone, who would grin at me and ask me to rub his soft little nose and cheeks. He’s going to make a very good wether.  Boone_1Boone_3

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