Trucker Babe

Pac-Man may have been the one who shopped for the truck, but Nubbin is the one who owns it now!

This naughty goat was tap-dancing all over it this morning! I don’t want her to do this but I’m not sure how to make her stop now that she knows she can leap this high. The goats have never bothered the trucks before, so I’m not sure where this sudden interest came from. I tried to make her come down, but she only mocked me. Since I can’t prevent it, I suppose I might as well be amused.

“If only I could get through this window, I’d be in the driver’s seat!”

“Perhaps if I try from this angle…”

“Well, the bed looks good anyway.”

“Hey guys, come play with me!”

Goat party on the truck!

“Nubbin hit me with her truck! Give her a ticket! Take away her license! I’m dying!!!”

“She was asleep at the wheel! I swear! I have proof!¬†Gasp!”

Petunia was right! Nubbin has some explaining to do when she shows up in traffic court!

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