A special significance

This is not a very good photo, but for a couple of days I thought it was going to be the last one I ever got of Cuzco. This was Wednesday morning June 6, about 12 hours before Cuzco disappeared. I wanted to document the first time Cuzco shared the shed with Nibbles. Of course, the second they heard me tip-toeing up with a camera and saw me peek my head around the door, Nibbles jumped up and blocked the camera while Cuzco turned his head to the wall as if to say, “Ugh, you are NOT going to photograph this indignity.”

Normally I would discard such a photo, but it took on a special significance when I thought it would be our last of Cuzco. He and Nibbles are co-existing rather well these days. I think he might even be starting to like her a bit. For a while they seemed to share the shed mostly because Cuzco was too sore to push her out (and in fact, she was seen pushing him out on more than one occasion). But now Cuzco is feeling well enough to spar with her, and yesterday I saw Nibbles napping outside the shed door, which tells me the natural order has been reestablished. He let her in later, but I think he wants her to know that it’s only by his good graces that she can share his shed, not because she’s entitled or can boss him around. 

I’ve also noticed that Cuzco is seeking out the company of my horses less and less as he’s finally starting to bond with Nibbles. He’s no longer trying to get away from her, although when he’s with her he usually acts slightly annoyed  by her presence. I’m sure he feels he has an image to uphold, but it’s starting to crumble. Among other things, I’m sure he simply enjoys having someone smaller than himself to boss around.

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