Go T-Bolts!

Finn and Sputnik got to strut their stuff at the Rye Homecoming parade this afternoon. We’ve been busy showing goats, vacationing, and trying to keep up with life so we haven’t had time to drive them since last month at the State Fair. They weren’t as “sharp” as they were this summer, but they remembered their lessons and were very good boys in spite of the long break. We were a little late for the lineup (someone gave us the wrong information), so we had to race past a long line of old tractors to get to a good spot. The fellas were a little nervous about passing all those big, smelly, noisy, backfiring things, but with a bit of encouragement they kept up a good trot and we made it to our place behind the horses. Barking dogs and cheering, waving crowds did not faze them at all.

The team was a big hit with the locals and got a lot of cheers. It was a very short parade but lots of fun. The weather was beautiful–clear, crisp, and cool but not windy. Getting back in the driver’s seat reminds me that we need to make sure to get out and do this more often, not only because it’s good to keep the boys sharp and in good physical condition, but because it’s just plain FUN!

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