Will work for water

For some odd reason, the goats are obsessed with the horse water. Naturally, they have their own supply of clean, fresh water that is changed daily, but they will always prefer to drink from the horse trough whether it’s clean or dirty. I guess it’s because animals are jealous by nature and are convinced that whatever they get, what someone else gets has to be better. Of course by the time the horse trough is halfway empty, I do wonder what they see in it. My horses have a nasty habit of using their water for mouthwash, swishing it liberally around before spitting it right back into the trough. So by the time the water level gets down a bit, it’s always green, slimy, and full of bugs and other nasty floaties. But the goats will practically fall in just to reach it with the ends of their tongues.

Cuzco will sometimes put one leg over the side and then lean down. One time he tipped the trough and dumped it over his head. I was in stitches. Cuzco was indignant.

The water must not be too low… Cuzco can reach if he just stands on three legs.

Nibbles can only reach it on two legs. I’m not sure how she manages to do this without choking. She always looks like she got hung up on the trough and died.

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