Jezebel had a piglet!

At least, she kinda looked like a piglet with that pink nose and those pink ears!

She looked less like a piglet once we dried her off, and boy were we surprised by the color!

Shortly after noon, Jezebel began “marching around Jericho” as Phil likes to put it–circling the pen and baa-aa-ing. She did that for a few hours and finally got down to business around 5:00. She looked like she was having a bit of trouble pushing this kid out, so I grabbed the feet and helped pull. Phil held Jezebel still after she jumped up and tried to run around the shed in circles with the baby’s legs hanging out, and between the three of us we delivered a healthy 9 1/2 lb. doeling!

She’s very strong. We haven’t had one this lively since Petunia was born. She was up and nursing almost immediately. She’s got a healthy set of lungs too! This one won’t quit talking! Now I only hope Jezebel has enough milk to keep up with her. She’s got a really good appetite, but Jezebel has only a small udder and it’s already been sucked dry. I’m going to have to keep a close watch to make sure this little one is getting enough to eat.

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