Poor, brave little sweetheart. I’m so sorry you had to pay so dearly for my mistake. I will never forget your little pink nose and your kind, patient eyes. You were always the brave one–I’ll never forget pulling you off that cliff you climbed down! You weren’t even afraid of Cuzco! I know he’s going to miss you. You were the only goat he liked. You two loved to butt heads together–the closest dignified old Cuzco ever got to playing.

You were such a sweet goat. You were not outwardly affectionate like Lilly–you were always more reserved–but you had a gentle, uncomplaining, and simple nature that made you easy to be around. You were the most patient of our goats, waiting in the back while everyone else got fed first, then coming to get your portion when it was your turn. You never complained about being last. I fondly called you “Sweetness.”

Motherhood mellowed you. You were a good mother. You never worried or fussed over your baby, but you always protected her. I wish you could have had more. I can remember you when I look at Nubbin. She doesn’t look much like you in most ways, but she does have the same striking black and white markings on her belly and the same bustling little waddle. You always looked like you were going somewhere important to take charge of the situation. Phil and I will miss your funny, purposeful march when we take our walks. Forgive me, dear Nibbles.


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